Is the seawater contaminated – either going into the hatchery or leaving it?

There are both treated and untreated sewerage outfalls in Mortier Bay where Marbase is located. The hatchery intakes will be located clear of any sources of contaminants (e.g., other outfalls, including the hatchery outfall). The outfall will be located near the surface and close to the hatchery building at a minimum of 500 metres away from other intakes.

 Both the seawater entering and leaving the hatchery will be treated. The temperatures will be adjusted, and the water will be filtered and purified. Seawater leaving the hatchery will be treated to a standard that supports marine life. Regular monitoring of water quality will ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Will the hatchery affect fishing in the area?

The waters near the hatchery site and where the saltwater supply is to be located are subject to fishing activity from time to time, including recreational scallop and cod fishing. Installing the saltwater pipes and intake will have the potential to interact with local small boat traffic and possibly with recreational fishing activities. Any such incidents would be limited in area and duration. Consultation with local users will address this concern. During hatchery operations, the pipelines could limit the routing of recreational scallop dragging; however, there should be no other interactions with other vessel traffic and fishing activities. Again, consultation will be carried out with local users to identify and address any concerns.